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EP # 39 - Lending a Helping Hand: Nancy Martin's Journey with Interfaith Charities of South Lee

November 07, 20231 min read

What if you could reduce your grocery bills drastically and still have enough to sort your electric bills? This episode features Nancy Martin, a dedicated veteran of Interfaith Charities of South Lee, who shares the inner workings of this remarkable organization and her journey within it. Nancy tells us about the inception of the charity, its evolution and how it's making a difference - a beacon of support for not just the destitute, but also for those who are finding it increasingly hard to meet ends.

Nancy's passion shines through as she speaks about her 22-year long association with the charity and how she got hooked after the first month itself. We tackle common misconceptions about the charity and discuss the changing needs of the community. Nancy also opens up about her personal life, including her love for science fiction and her new puppy. We dive into how you can lend your support to this charity, whether it's through food drives, volunteering or making a monetary contribution. Tune in to learn more about Nancy's incredible journey and how you can play a part in supporting this noble cause.

Interfaith Charities of South Lee
Nancy Martin


Food Pantry Address:
17592 Rockefeller Circle
Fort Myers, FL 33967

Outreach Center Address:
18011 S Tamiami Trl, Suite 28
Fort Myers, FL 33908

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